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Financial Operations

Michael D. Barhorst is the Chief Financial Officer. Michael Barhorst will provide the direct day-to-day leadership over the financial planning and analysis, accounting, auditing, internal controls, investments, and fiscal management systems of both Sinclair College and the Sinclair College Foundation.

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Image of Mike Barhorst


The office of General Accounting is located in Building 7, Room 230. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

General Accounting provides the following services:

  • Payment of non-payroll college bills such as vendor invoices, utility, independent contractor, and construction expenses
  • Preparation and disbursement of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements
  • Review and payment of travel expenses
+  Budget and Analysis

The Office of Budget and Analysis supports the Vice President for Business Operations and Chief Financial Officer in effectively managing the budgetary resources of Sinclair Community College.

Working closely with academic and administrative units, the Office of Budget and Analysis coordinates the annual planning and budgeting process, prepares long-term financial projections, and provides detailed financial analyses including cost/benefit analysis, data trend analysis, and forecasting for internal use and external agencies.

+  Bursar Office and College Cashier
The Bursar Office and College Cashier is located in Building 10, Room 016. 
+  Grants Accounting

Grants Accounting works in conjunction with Grants Development to monitor, track and ensure financial and program compliance for Sinclair’s grants and restricted projects.

Grants Accounting is located in Building 7, Room 321.

Payroll is located in Building 7, Room 341. 
+  Research, Analytics and Reporting (RAR)
RAR is the official source of all institutional data related to enrollment matters. In that capacity, the department handles the majority of external reports required by regulatory bodies as well as approved information requests from a wide variety of other organizations.