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As part of Sinclair Community College’s ongoing efforts for continuous improvement, the Accounts Payable department is happy to partner with the payment experts at Finexio!

Effective March 2024, payments will be processed by our new payment processing partner, Finexio. In order to facilitate this transition, Finexio's Supplier Management team will take proactive steps to contact our vendors. They will assist in connecting you to their portal or facilitating your enrollment for electronic payments if you are not already enrolled.

The benefits of the Finexio program include:

  • Faster Settlement: Virtual cards are issued quickly, are delivered on the same day, and typically settle without delay - you get access to your funds sooner.
  • Easier Reconciliation: Each payment includes detailed remittance advice tying back to specific invoices or work orders - less time spent reconciling or tracking down payments and lost checks.
  • Improved Security: Finexio virtual cards are single-use cards which carry a number of enhanced security measures ensuring they may only be processed by the appropriate payee.
  • Better Information: Complementary 24/7 access to the Finexio Supplier Portal where you can access all of your payment information.

Even if you don't currently accept payment via electronic methods, Finexio will explain the various options available to you in order to get up and running.

To expedite your electronic enrollment, you can begin the onboarding process online with the link below.

Electronic Enrollment Form

We are excited about this initiative and want to thank you in advance for your cooperation. We look forward to continued success in our partnership.

All electronic remittance emails will be sent from To ensure seamless receipt, kindly whitelist this domain within your organization.

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Still have questions?

Contact Finexio’s supplier enablement team at:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 818-724-8110 ext. 2
  • Live Chat: go to and click the blue chat icon in the lower right-hand corner of the page

Or contact Sinclair Community College staff: