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The idea of forming a campus organization similar to the Faculty Senate was initiated in April, 1984, by a number of college employees. A petition was circulated by these employees to find out how much support there would be. On April 30, 1984, Ohio Senate Bill #133 went into effect giving public employees in higher education the right to engage in collective bargaining, including dealing with grievances, labor disputes, wages, hours, policies, and other employment concerns. In the continuing effort to address employee concerns, the president of the college requested the vice president for Student Services to explore this concern in detail.

A series of meetings was held in May, 1984, with majority support from the clerical, technical and service/maintenance employees. At the conclusion of these meetings, it was clear the formation of a Staff Senate should proceed immediately. On June 15, 1984, the steering committee, comprised of 23 volunteers representing the three employee groups (clerical, technical, and service/maintenance), met with the vice president for Student Services for the purpose of forming a campus-wide organization. This group would represent the three employee groups and the vice president for Student Services serving as the college liaison. On July 27, 1984, the steering committee presented the first draft of the constitution and bylaws to the staff assembly. On August 16, 1984, the first draft was overwhelmingly approved by 94% of the staff, and on August 21, 1984, the constitution became official.

On September 11, 1984, the Staff Senate became an official campus organization after a unanimous vote of approval by the Sinclair Board of Trustees. The first Staff Senate Assembly meeting was held September, 1984.

Senate Presidents

Chronological list of Senate Presidents at Sinclair

Year/s Name
1984-85 Gary Phillips
1985-87 Mike Sanchez
1987-88 Janice Austin
1988-89 Sue McAllister
1989-90 Gary Phillips*,  Dick Wourms*
1990-91 Mike Sanchez
1991-93 Jim Shaw
1993-94 Jan Knapp
1994-95 Scott Fowler
1995-96 Brenda Marcks
1996-97 Criss Whittaker*, Scott Fowler
1997-98 Scott Fowler
1998-99 Jim Shaw
1999-00 Brenda Marcks
2000-01 Janeil Guerra
2001-02 Debbie Fritz*, Brenda Marcks
2002-03 Jennifer Day
2003-04 Scott Fowler
2004-05 Travis Beetley
2005-06 Laurie Devol
2006-07 Mike Sanchez
2007-08 Kirk Nagley
2008-09 Judy Dils
2009-10 Victoria Burchfield
2010-11 Chris Steineman
2011-12 Annette Koronowski
2012-13 Kirk Nagley
2013-14 Kathy Lewis
2014-15 Scott Truesdale
2015-16 Kenny Hedges
2016-17 Will Crawford*, Sam McConnell*, Chris Steineman
2017-19 Scott Truesdale
2019-20 Sean Perfect
2020-21 Kathy Lewis
2021-22 Mary Jane Clark
2022-23 Sean Perfect
2023-24 Sarah Dennull

Senate Secretaries

Chronological list of Senate Secretaries at Sinclair
Year/s Name
1984-85 Barbara Barlage
1985-86 Betty Mashburn*, Tammie Mitchell*, Linda Pahud
1986-87 Linda Pahud
1987-91 Vicky Korosei
1990-96 Lora Ginn
1996-98 Jennifer Day
1998-99 Susan Smith
1999-00 Lisa Loveless
2000-02 Carrie Lair
2002-03 Susan Smith
2003-04 Emily Moore
2004-05 Nina Allen
2005-06 Susan Smith
2006-07 Amanda Alexander*, Kelly Vogelsong
2007-09 Kelly Vogelsong
2009-10 Cindy Roehrig
2010-13 Melissa Caudill
2013-14 Lori Pierce
2014-16 Melissa Caudill
2016-17 Jennifer Vangel*, Tiffany Gehrich
2017-18 Tiffany Gehrich*, Steve Carroll
2018-19 Steve Carroll*, Katherine Trigg
2019-23 Katherine Trigg
  * denotes did not finish term