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Marketing Instruction

A degree in Marketing Management from Sinclair College prepares students for a variety of work experiences. Graduates will have backgrounds in business and marketing which will be useful in areas ranging from advertising and public relations to commercial banking.  Students will learn basic principles of marketing, accounting, economics, and  many social sciences which are required in the work environment.  Internship opportunities are also available.



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Associate of Applied Science
Business Management/Digital Marketing

Digital Media has disrupted many of the traditional areas of business management. This program provides a broad-based study of digital marketing strategies including customer engagement and consumer behavior, social media, online reputation management, inbound marketing, advertising and branding, graphic design, and website development. Students will have the opportunity to learn new media theories, online consumer psychology and marketing approaches while developing hands on experience with digital marketing tools and techniques. All students will produce a portfolio of their digital marketing projects and benefit from an internship in the digital marketing field.

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One-year Technical Certificate
Digital Marketing Communications

Digital Marketing professionals are essential in helping businesses and organizations establish and cultivate a strong Internet presence. Students will develop a basic understanding of critical components of a digital marketing campaign such as marketing technologies, advertising and public relations, sales fundamentals and lead generation, customer engagement and social media, as well as marketing segmentation tools including geographic information systems. Students will have the opportunity to learn new media theories and marketing approaches while gaining hands on experience with digital marketing tools.

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Digital Marketing Technologies

The Digital Marketing Technologies certificate will provide students with both theoretical and practical applications of digital marketing strategies and tools. This certificate will cover the foundational concepts in digital marketing including fundamental marketing concepts, advertising strategies, digital marketing approaches and tools, retailing and e-commerce, customer engagement and social media, graphic design, website development, consumer behavior and a marketing internship.

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