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Disqualifying Criteria

The opportunity to serve as a professional law enforcement officer is an honor and a privilege.  The position carries both great power and great responsibility.  Individuals who apply for positions at law enforcement agencies will undergo intense background investigations to ensure that person does not have a history of conduct that would preclude him or her from being an effective officer. 

Prospective cadets who wish to enter the Sinclair Criminal Justice Training Academy are encouraged to conduct a personal background assessment before embarking on the process of becoming a cadet.

Previous personal conduct such as extensive illegal drug usage, drug trafficking, bad credit history, a poor driving record or thefts are common reasons why agencies will not hire an applicant.

To gain a better understanding of the scope and nature of backgrounds that are a barrier to employment the Academy encourages prospective cadets to review the list of disqualifying criteria on the web page of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.  This list is typical of the type of conduct that agencies look for when evaluating an applicant.  The web page is located at:


Please contact the Academy at 937-512-2270 if you wish more information regarding disqualifying criteria.