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Items Needed for Class

There are some items that you need to address beforehand.

Effective law enforcement relies on attention to detail which needs to start now

Print this page to use as a checklist to insure you complete all items needed prior to the first day of the academy. Please check off as you complete the following activities. Underlined items are active hyperlinks to the documents:

________ Prior to the first day read in its entirety the Cadet Handbook. There is a signature page that you need to print out and sign acknowledging that you have done so. Bring this form to class with you.

________ Print and complete the Emergency Medical Form to also turn in on your first day. This form is kept in a separate binder and will be used only in the event of an emergency. It allows us to give pertinent medical information to emergency personnel in the event you are unable to do so.

________Please print out your calendar DAY or NIGHT. It will give you all the times you are scheduled for class. The calendar is subject to change at any time. Note: Your commander may advise you of any additional dates and times.

________ Print and sign the Photograph Waiver. Photos and videos will be taken throughout the academy by staff and/or students. This waiver is a requirement of Sinclair.

________ Review list of items needed for the academy.

You can review the Orientation PowerPoint here.

Your commander will spend some time with you at the beginning of the academy and explain about hours, topics, instructors, etc.