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Doing Business with Sinclair

Purchasing encourages local vendors to connect with us about opportunities to do business with the college. If you are interested in working with Sinclair and wish to provide information about the services you provide, please contact us at Purchasing will disseminate this information to the proper departments as the need arises. As appropriate, Purchasing will establish dialog between sales representatives and department contacts.

All communications pertaining to negotiations that affect prospective purchases or purchase orders, including prices, terms, conditions, and delivery, are to be carried out by the Purchasing Department.

Business Credit Information

Download our Business Credit Information when setting up an account for purchases made by Sinclair Community College. Includes bank info, credit references, and our State of Ohio Tax Exempt and Federal Tax ID numbers.

Terms & Conditions

View our General Terms & Conditions which are recognized and upheld by Sinclair Community College. Terms & Conditions must be agreed upon before providing any products or services to the college.

Bid Express

Sinclair has made the transition to Bid Express for the bidding of construction projects. Our public solicitations will denote which projects are being bid through Bid Express. You must sign up on the platform to view and participate in these bids (fees apply). Please visit Sinclair's Bid Express homepage to view current solicitations and to create an account.