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Policies & Procedures

The following are links to Purchasing's Policies & Procedures Manual, as well as instructions to help guide you through the process of creating requisitions for college purchases.

Policies & Procedures Manual

Purchasing's Policies & Procedures Manual is the official reference guide to be used for all Sinclair procurement activities. Its purpose is to acquaint the college community and other appropriate agencies and individuals with the organization, practice, and procedures of the Purchasing Department.

Unimarket eProcurement

Unimarket is live for all departments at Sinclair, replacing the Colleague process for creating standard and blanket requisitions for your college purchase orders. Unimarket also includes catalogs for shopping with many of your favorite suppliers. Head to my.Sinclair to access Unimarket Production, and check out the Learning Center for links to instructional videos and guides. 

Blanket Purchase Orders

A Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) is the preferred method for placing orders which will require multiple payments or specified recurring payments over an agreed upon period of time. Using a BPO streamlines the order and approval process for expected repetitive purchases of goods or services from a single vendor.

When to Use:

  • The goods or services are reoccurring purchases.
  • The order involves variable dollar amounts and/or quantities.
  • The goods or services on an order or the delivery site may change over time.
  • Quantities of the same goods or services are needed throughout a time period with a specific contract start and end date.
  • A single vendor is capable of delivering throughout the length of the agreed upon period of time.

Note: Sinclair has multiple sites that are eligible for delivery, so a BPO does not provide a delivery location. The BPO allows multiple orders with the same vendor which may be delivered at different sites, so it is up to the ordering party to ensure the location is specified when placing each order.

Documents and Approvals Required for Requisitions

Review the Documents and Approvals Required Requisitions guide to ensure that Purchasing has everything needed when reviewing a requisition in Unimarket.

Creating Amendments to Purchase Orders

Use the Creating Amendments for Purchase Orders guide to submit changes to an existing purchase order, including those with Professional Services Contracts (PSC) attached.

Instructional Videos

Creating Requisitions in Unimarket