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CAM 1110 Advanced Machine Operations

This course will increase student’s proficiency in the use of manually operated machine shop equipment with an emphasis on high tolerance parts where precision machining is necessary for project completion. Two classroom, two lab hours per week.

Division: Science, Mathematics and Engineering
Department: Computer Aided Manufacturing
Repeatable Credit: No
Offered Online: No

Prereqs: CAM 1109 AND CAM 1107 AND MAT 1110 OR Approval of Department 


  • Demonstrate familiarity with basic machine shop equipment such as lathes, mills, grinders and drill presses to produce complex parts.
  • Demonstrate the ability to manufacture parts within specifications using machine shop equipment autonomously.
  • Perform in-process inspection of parts to determine their fitness for use.

Credit Hours: 3

Classroom Hours: 2
Lab Hours: 2