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Sinclair College

GLG 1211 Historical Geology Laboratory

Rates of change, age dating, fossils, depositional environments, stratigraphy, correlation, facies, and interpretation of geologic maps. Laboratory must be taken concurrently with Historical Geology.

Division: Science, Mathematics and Engineering
Department: Geology
Repeatable Credit: No
Offered Online: No

Prereqs: GLG 1101 AND GLG 1111 


  • Apply the use of tools/equipment, prerequisite knowledge/skills and follow procedure in order to correctly: 1) identify paleoenvironments and fossils and 2) interpret geologic maps. Be able to follow new procedures and correctly use tools to: 1) calculate rates of change and rock/event ages and 2) conduct stratigraphic, facies and correlative analyses.
  • 1) adapt and function productively in a diverse group peers; 2) improve ability to respect and combine ideas from differing viewpoints; 3) improve group listening/communication skills; 4) ensure full involvement by all group members. Work collaboratively as 'real-world' scientists in small group settings.
  • Demonstrate the proper and safe use of tools/equipment and apply their use in new situations; be able to follow directions; be able to recall/recognize which tools/processes should be used in a given situation.

Credit Hours: 0