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HMT 2218 Advanced Pastry Skills

During this capstone course, students will have 15 weeks to prepare, execute, and arrange the display of an industry standard upscale bakery case. Items will include but not limited to basic, intermediate, and advanced pastry items, confections, laminated doughs, candy making, cakes, pies, plate & platter displays, sugar work, etc. Students will receive a complete list of requirements at the beginning of each class and how much time will be allotted to execute the product instructions. The final bakery case display will be presented to faculty and industry professionals for judging. Six lab hours per week.

Division: Business and Public Services
Department: Hospitality Management
Repeatable Credit: No
Offered Online: No

Prereqs: HMT 1102 and HMT 1107 and HMT 1128 and HMT 2110 and HMT 2118 and HMT 2126 and HMT 2128 and HMT 1105 and HMT 1126 


  • Work with a variety of laminated doughs (danish, croissants, pyllo & puff pastry).
  • Design dessert menus to display individual completed work.
  • Production problems of rich/specialty doughs.
  • Create individual desserts for sale and marketing purposes.

Credit Hours: 3

Lab Hours: 6