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SWK 1213 Introduction to Social Welfare

Explore history, values, ideologies and ethics in development of social welfare in the United States and identify the role of government in the delivery of social services. Learn how institutional structures, including forms of oppression and discrimination, and human diversity issues influence the delivery of social services. Forty-eight hour agency observation required.

Division: Liberal Arts, Communication and Social Sciences
Department: Social Work
Repeatable Credit: No
Offered Online: No

Prereqs: ENG 1101 and SWK 1206 


  • Demonstrate knowledge of the history and development of social welfare and social services in the United States.
  • Identify the role of current federal and state social policy in the delivery of social services.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the ideologies, values and ethics that form the foundation of social services.
  • Identify the financial, organizational and administrative structures that influence the delivery of social services.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the fields of practice and populations served in social services.
  • Identify and discuss forms and mechanisms of poverty, oppression and discrimination and how these impact social services.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of human diversity issues in the development of social services with emphasis on empowering at-risk and vulnerable populations.

Credit Hours: 3

Classroom Hours: 3