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VIS 2200 Video Applications II

This course focuses on academic research and data driven video content. Students will learn about target audience and consider the best way for a brand to advertise to that audience. Students will also learn about academic research and create a data driven video or documentary.

Division: Liberal Arts, Communication and Social Sciences
Department: Design
Repeatable Credit: Yes
Offered Online: No

Prereqs: VIS 2180 and VIS 2190 


  • Student will understand academic research and citing. Student will apply learning by writing a research paper on a current social issue using correct academic citing.
  • Student will research a product or service to pursued target audience of brand-centric message. Student will apply research data and graphics in creation of video. Student will consider target audience and select best video platform to reach intended audience.
  • Student will understand how to combine B-roll, stock footage, and interview footage in order to tell a successful story. Student will apply voice-over, camera movement, and multi-camera editing to add to the impact of the story. Student will apply research and previous learning by creating a data driven video or mini documentary.

Credit Hours: 4

Classroom Hours: 4